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    Server with SSD keeps losing Windows


      I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this but I'll start here.

      I have a server running SBS 2011 that periodically will fail to see the boot drive and require a restore.  I've gone into the crashed OS and added the drivers, which allows the server to boot, but other services will not start.  The only resolution is to restore the C: drive.  This crash can happen on just a reboot.  I can't find anything in Windows that is causing an issue, so I'm checking hardware.  The server is 4 years old.  Here's the config:


      R2308GZ4GC chassis and server board, 2 BX80635E52620V2 Xeon cpus, 2 SSDSC2BB240G401 S3500 240GB ssds in a raid 1 configuration, 32GB ECC ram.  Bios is up to date and SBS 2011 is fully patched.


      Is there a way to test these drives to see if there are any issues?