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    Intel nuc5i7ryh doesn't boot pas black 'intel nuc' screen and then shuts off and starts back up indefinetely.


      I've had this intel nuc for two years or something, and about a week ago it started to shut down randomly.


      I updated my bios to try and resolve the issue, but during that reboot it started shutting down and starting back up automatically, without me getting past the 'intel nuc' screen.


      It did however give me the option to open the bios menu via f2. So I did and changed the boot from UEFI to Legacy and for some reason it worked.


      After using my computer for the rest of the day, windows asks me to shut down and update, so I did.


      Unfortunately, when I started it up today, it didn't boot anymore, but just shuts on and off automatically, until I hold down the power button. I honestly don't know what to do, because it doesn't even give me any options to open my boot or BIOS menu. It also doesn't do anything when I press f2 or whatever.