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    Dell Inspiron 7579 with Intel HD 620 Graphics


      Since the 16th December I have had a flickering blinking problem with my 12 month old laptop and this also affects the external monitor. The Laptop flickers and blinks the external monitor just blinks. It happens to the laptop with or without the external monitor connected. On Wifi and on Ethernet. On both battery and AC Power.


      I had the same issue when I got my laptop brand new 12 months ago and somehow fixed it after much trial and error but don't remember what the solution was back then.


      This time around the flickering started after I contacted Dell and gave them remote access to check out a hard drive error. They changed some things and organised for a replacement hard drive and got me to write a restore USB. 2 days later whilst still waiting for the new hard drive to arrive I couldn't stand the flickering and did a system restore to the day before Dell had access and the flickering stopped.

      Unfortunately when the hard drive arrived the restore USB had the flickering issue in it and it started all over again.


      I have tried everything I have found online to fix this issue. All drivers are uptodate, I have tried the latest drivers from Dell and from Intel.

      I have updated every driver on my computer and BIOS.

      I have purchased new HDMI cable to the external monitor.


      It flickers in Task Manager.


      I have also done a fresh start install of Windows 10 and reloaded all my programs twice now in the past 3 weeks. A long tedious job.

      I am a web administrator and a photographer so this is driving me insane.

      It is especially bad in Lightroom but only because I am in that program all the time, the flicker issue happens in other programs as well, especially graphic based ones.


      Attaching the Intel Graphics Report.


      Any help would be very appreciated. My 12 month warranty on laptop expired a few weeks ago.