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    Hot swapping (hot plug/unplug) on Intel Raid-Controller RSP3TD160F




      My company has bought a Intel Raid Controller RSP3TD160F.


      I'm looking for some information ine order to do hot swapping (hot plug and unplug) with some disk arrays.

      I have created a RAID 0 logical device with 4 SSD disks. I have changed their state to "offline". I have tried to unplug them then to plug them.

      The raid card didn't reconize them, their state was "Unconfigured bad". With the GUI, I changed their state from "Unconfigured bad" to "Foreign Drives".

      So I think this is not the right process.


      Can you help me? What should I have to do?


      I have installed it on a computer with Windows 10, here some informations about :


      OS : Windows 10

      Intel Raid Controller : RSP3TD160F

      Update Firmware : 5.020.00-0838 (Date 11/09/2017)

      Driver : 7.701.04.00 (Date 7/7/2017)



      Thank you for helping me.