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      Common problem to three workstations, (A, B, C) all originally Windows 7, upgraded within the last two weeks to Windows 10 fall creators update build 1709, now all with the same problem.

      All three were originally running RAID with IRST software in Windows 7.

      After upgrade to Windows 10, IRST software removed from all three workstations by upgrade process, (A, B, C), RAID driver updated to  on all three.

      Need software to manage RAID, deal with HD errors etc.

      So Tried 14.xx.xx.xx on workstation A, after reboot lost system !!!


      Had to reinstall Windows 10, thanks Intel!

      1.) So how am I going to be able to run IRST software on these three workstations ??

      2.) Want to keep  driver (SEEMS TO WORK ?), while using some other version of IRST software that won’t crash the workstations.

      3.) How to install software and what version should I use while keeping  driver ?

      4.) How can Intel let so many users get hurt?

      Screen shot of workstation A BIOS uploaded