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    using knn with cross validation


      I don't understand why cross validation will enhance the performance of KNN. I understand this in other models but not in KNN. In all cases KNN will compare new point against old saved points. so whatever number of folds cross_val_score will not enhance something related to generalization of the model. The only points that will enhance KNN results is to choose K for example. and choosing K can be done by knnN.fit normally

      In other words, there is no cost function here to enhance it or generalize it by using the concept of cross validation

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          Cross validation can be used for various purposes. As far as your question is concerned, you could probably use it for choosing the optimal value of k for KNN. For instance, you can run K fold for various values of k.For each value of k, compute the average cross validation error across K folds. You can then select the value of k with the best cross validation error.


          Basically, you use cross-validation to avoid over fitting, by training the model on the training set and computing the model's performance on the validation set and repeating this for a few more times(K). The results are then averaged.


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