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    4k 60Hz on Linux on NUC7 (and audio)


      Hi folks,


      Since Intel won't support Linux on the NUC's, I thought I'd post some stuff that "works for me".


      I've tested both NUC7i3BNH and NUC7i5BNH with the same cheap Chinese 4k TV

      as a monitor using a high-speed HDMI cable straight from the NUC HDMI port.


      After installing BIOS version 57, both boxes sync'd up at 4k @30Hz right

      away, even in the bios.  I was able to install OpenSUSE Leap 42.3 with no

      problems.  I could get 4k @60Hz by adding the following 3 lines to my xinitrc

      file (/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc on OpenSUSE; similar places on other distros):


      xrandr --newmode "4k60_tech" 534.010 3840 3982 4027 4064 2160 2170 2180 2190 +hsync +vsync

      xrandr --addmode DP-1 4k60_tech

      xrandr --output DP-1 --mode 4k60_tech


      Note that these are NOT the values in the modeline that are output by "cvt".

      The cvt output parameters do NOT work for me, but these do.  Thanks to

      forum.level1techs.com for the parameters.  Also note that the output is DP-1

      on my system, even though I am using the HDMI port, NOT the USBc/DP port.


      After booting and logging in, I'm in 4k60 mode, and that mode is visible in the

      System Settings->Display and Monitor->Displays->Advanced Settings->Refresh rate



      Audio always works fine through the headphone jack on the NUC.  Sound through the TV

      is iffy.  It won't work when freshly booted.  One poster said it worked for him if he plugged

      and then unplugged headphones, but that doesn't solve my problem.  However, if I use the

      System Settings menus to switch to a lower refresh rate, the sound will miraculously

      work (usually).  Then you can set the refresh rate back up to 60Hz, and the sound will

      still work (most of the time).  At least until the next boot...


      I hope this helps someone.  Video playback is fiendishly slow with 4k video.

      Like maybe 4 frames per second.  Very choppy.  cpu is maxxed out.  Intel

      says Win10 works fine -- it must be the Linux drivers not taking advantage of

      the graphics hardware.  Anyone have a solution?  It sure would be nice to

      actually see some beautiful full-speed 4k video!!  (And installing Win10 is

      NOT an option.)