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      Hi all,


      As a newcomer to NUC's I'm interested in setting one up as a home-lab server using ESXI 6.5.0. Running various VM's and surveillance software, so need something powered on 24/7 that doesn't use too much power. I 'may' be interested in running windows server but not critical though.

      I currently have home built server using Supermicro motherboard with many drives, mxgpu, 10G NIC etc. however having this on 24/7 is proving costly, and TBH don't really need all the functionality 24/7.


      From the two NUC's mentioned in the title I can see the DNHE has a Vpro chip. I'm not familiar with the terminology, would that give some kind of IPMI functionality? Would I be able to remotely start and stop the NUC if acting as a server?

      Would it be worth sacrificing the microphone, headphone, USB-C, IR on the BNH purely for the remote functionality of the DNHE (if that is indeed what Vpro does?).


      I'm stuck with the decision, so if anyone could shine a light in the right direction, and/or has experience with ESXI on either NUC and setting up additional NIC's I'd be grateful for any input.



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          Hi Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® NUC communities. We will do our best to provide the information you are looking for.

          In regard to your inquiry, I checked the requirements for the ESXI 6.5 software and it says that it supports server platforms, based on that and due to the fact that the NUC works as a desktop PC, the application might not work properly with the NUC:


          In reference to the Intel® Vpro , it is a set of security and manageability capabilities built into the processor aimed at addressing four critical areas of IT security: 1) Threat management, including protection from rootkits, viruses, and malware 2) Identity and web site access point protection 3) Confidential personal and business data protection 4) Remote and local monitoring, remediation, and repair of PCs and workstations

          It is kind of difficult to recommend any of the NUC models provided above, since it will depend on your needs and how you are going to use them, it is a very personal choice. If you are interested in getting further details about the Intel® Vpro technology, please submit your inquiry in our Intel® Vpro Expert center:

          Additionally, I encourage all the peers in our communities, that if they have further details or comments on this matter to post all the suggestions on this thread.

          The content on the above site is not controlled by Intel. This information is offered for your convenience and should not be viewed as an endorsement by Intel for the merchants or services offered there

          Any further questions, please let me know.

          Alberto R

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            There is also reasonably good introductions to the Intel Management Engine, Intel vPro and Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) in Wikipedia.


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              Thanks guys for the info,


              Looks like still a bit more research to do. I have however seen mention in other forums of ESXI 6.5 installing succssfully on the NUC7I5BNH, but with some NIC issues. Apparently ESXI 6.5.0 U1 solves these problems though. I'm kinda thinking I might go this way and forget about trying to remotely manage the NUC. If it fails miserably I've still got what looks like a reasonable mini desktop....



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                You are very welcome., we are here to help.
                Any other inquiry, do not hesitate in contact us again
                Alberto R