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    Where can I find the correct Intel ME  for my XPS 8100?


      I bought my Dell Studio XPS 8100 (Core i7-860) back in March 2010.  It is W7 64-bit. 



      Intel® Product Security Center


      This security issue was brought to my attention recently and it was said I need to update my Intel Management Engine to the latest version (the detection tool said I was vulnerable...even though MSE and Malwarebytes scans have come up clean).



      However, I went to Dell's page as per Intel's instructions and this is the page I found:

      Dell Client Statement on Intel ME/TXE Advisory (INTEL-SA-00086) | Dell US



      My XPS 8100 was nowhere on there.



      I want to be able to update my Intel ME, but I can't find anywhere to do it.  Am I actually okay or does anyone have any ideas for help?