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    Is it possible to connect XL710-QDA2 directly using XLDACBL3 - without switch, does it work in full duplex mode?


      Hi All,


      I am using two DELL Poweredge R430 servers and each server has one dual port XL710-QDA2 [1]. Now we want to connect these two NICs directly using XLDACBL3 [2] cable, but we are not sure if the setup will work. On  server 1, we are running DPDK based L2Fwd application and on the other server DPDK-pktgen is generating the packets. Server 1 returns the packets back to server 2.


      So can we use XLDACBL3 cables to connect these NICs directly and will they work in full-duplex mode?


      [1]: Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter XL710 10/40 GbE

      [2]: QSFP+ Modules/Cables Compatible with Intel® Ethernet Server Adapter...