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    HQ4720 screen flashing/flickering


      Hell! For about 2 months I have been having screen flickering while watching videos on my Lenovo y 70 70 T with intel hq4720 and WIndows 10 x64. I have tried numerous clean reinstalls of nvidia graphics drivers and intel video drivers(using latest versions and clean reinstall by DDU), but it kept happening. While using the latest .4835 driver the problem is somewhat resolves, as I do not really get screen flickering, but instead i get purple/green-ish screen flashes from time to time. They do not seem to be connected to running any programmes. Can even occur when nothing is open. Have you heard of any similar problems? What else can I try to locate/solve the problem, except of what I have already done:
      1. Complete clean reinstall of intel and nvidia drivers using 3 last versions of each
      2.Resetting and changing power settings

      3. Deleting all temp files from windows drive



      P.S. I used to have similar problem when the windows 10 came out, but it was solved long ago by updating to latest intel drivers and i had not had any troubles right until october 2017.

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          Typically, if you have a hybrid graphics solution (i.e. combined AMD/NVIDIA and Intel graphics subsystems), the drivers are customized to support switching between the two and problems could occur if you update with the generic driver packages from either/both. You should be using only the drivers provided by Lenovo on their site.


          Do you see the same issues when using NVIDIA graphics that you do when using Intel graphics?