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    Processor temperature


      I have a question about the temperature of the processor of my laptop, this is a Intel Core i5 7200u 2.50 ghz 2.71 ghz

      Several times at the moment I turn on the laptop or I start to use it after a long time was on stand by, the temperature immediatelly go up until 70 degress (celsius) and most time is not going down for half an hour or an hour. I just surf on regular websites, no games

      All this time I listen the fun working hard. On HP told me that my laptop is ok and not has any problem.

      Which is the regular temperature?


      Best regards

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          Based upon the core temperatures included in these displays, I do not believe that sensor Temp1 is actually displaying a processor temperature. What (if anything) this sensor is actually measuring the temperature of, I am not sure. Check the SpeedFan detection log to determine this.


          For these three points in time, the temperature of your processor is in the 50's (Celsius). In this range, your processor is cool and happy. As for concerning temperatures, Intel will tell you that anything below Tjmax (which is in the vicinity of 100c) is fine. I am more conservative and I do not agree with this kind of blanket assessment. I believe that the processor's thermal load line is likely being exceeded if temperatures are going this high. Any appreciable amount of time spent above the processor's thermal load line can result in silicon degradation over time and a shortening of the processor's lifetime. As a (conservative) alternative, I believe that you should only become concerned if the temperature spends any appreciable amount of time at temperatures above, say, ~85c (again, presuming a Tjmax of 100c).


          Hope this helps,


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            Hi Scott


            thanks for your fast answer.

            I don´t understand why if I not using nothing special on the laptop, I just checking emails or any website, the fun are working for an hour. Is normal?


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              Well, the processor (core) temperatures appear to be perfectly normal, but the readings from that "Temp1" sensor are not (high) - and the fan is likely reacting to that sensor. Look in the SpeedFan log; it should tell you what this sensor is measuring...



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                Tj (Junction Temperature) is the maximum temperature allowed at the processor die.


                Does Intel provide temperature ranges for each processor?


                We do not provide temperature ranges for each processor, as it varies by processor. You can find the thermal specifications for a processor in Intel® Core™ Processor technical documentation.

                Alternatively, follow these steps:

                1. Visit our product information page.
                2. Select Processors, click the Processor Brand, then select your Processor Generation, Family, or Series. If you aren't sure which category your processor belongs to, use the search specification in the upper-right corner. Enter the processor name and search the site.
                3. Locate the specific processor you need.
                4. Under the Product Specification page of the processor, click Package Specifications to determine Tjunction or Tcase.


                Frequently Asked Questions About Temperature for Intel® Processors


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                  hi wingmann99


                  I found the info according your instructions, and the Intel specs said that 100 C is the maximum (Junction Temperature is the maximum temperature allowed at the processor die.)

                  I not sure if is logical that the fun are working for an hour.

                  Can be any sensor?

                  Best regards

                  Marcelo H