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    I need help!


      I play lots of games like Minecraft, but the problem is that everytime I launch any game, it tells me that my graphic drivers are out-of-date. My computer runs on Intel Graphics Driver 3000 and my computer is a Windows 10. The other problem is that I don't know what to download because I tried updating my graphic drivers in many various ways, but there are no results. All the ways I tried say that my graphic drivers are up-to-date. Even when I do download a version of intel drivers I get the message saying "This computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements to download this software". I followed Intel's instructions to fix it but once I downloaded the proper one, I got the same message. I even searched for 64-bit downloads because thats what my computer ran on. If anyone knows on how to do any of these things, please let me know! I havn't been able to play my games for over a week.

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          Al Hill

          Intel HD 3000 graphics are not supported on Windows 10, nor is your processor.


          You need to look at getting a new or newer computer that is supported


          The best you may be able to do in the interim is to use the driver provided by Microsoft.


          Microsoft Update Catalog


          Sort by "last updated", and you will see two for WIndows 10, dated 5/19/2016.  One is 64-bit, the other 32-bit.


          But, please do yourself a favour and get hardware that is more current.  You are going to continue to have this problem until you do so.



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            I actually do know that Intel Graphics 3000 doesn't support Windows 10, but what confuses me is that the version did work for me until Dec. 24th. Did it always never supported Windows 10 or does it no longer support Windows 10? Also, if there a different software version I can download to fix this problem?