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    Intel 5500 芯片组 支持pcie硬盘吗?


      Intel 5500 芯片组的老服务器,想用最新的Intel P3605 1.6TB 固态硬盘,不知可用否?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello NIKIE200807,

          According to our translation tools, we understand that you want to know if a server with an Intel® 5500 Chipset can use an Intel® SSD DC P3605 Series.

          In order to use this drive, the server/motherboard must be NVMe compatible. The Intel® 5500 Chipset was released back in 2009, way before the implementation of the NVMe standard on Intel® SSD (the first one was released on 2014). Based on this, the server will be unlikely to be compatible with the Intel® SSD DC P3605 Series.

          We recommend to contact the server or motherboard manufacturer to confirm if the system is NVMe compliant.

          Best regards,
          Eugenio F.