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    Intel ssd migration tool "hangs" at reboot


      I have a NUC7I3 with windows 10 on a 40G intel ssd. Needless to say, the original ssd has run out of storage. I have purchased a non - intel 128G ssd and am trying to use the intel ssd migration software to clone the original ssd onto the larger one.


      The software installs and runs ok until I reboot as instructed.  It briefly reports that it is restarting, but then the "getting windows ready, do not turn your computer off" message starts and stays on for literally hours. Eventually it gives up and shuts down.  The software manual has some extremely vague reference to interrupting the boot process for windows 10 pcs to allow the cloning software to run, but not enough info for me at least.


      The 40G ssd is inside the NUC and the 128G ssd is on a usb adapter.


      Any suggestions?