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    Buzzing noise from brand-new i7-8700 & cooler.




      I recently bought several Intel CPUs and built desktops. One of the CPUs that I purchased is i7-8700. Everything about this instance of CPU is great, except that its cooler is making noise that does not sound normal.


      The reason that I think it is making abnormal sound is because.. other i3 and i5 8th gen processors that I have bought together do not make this noise, but this i7-8700 is making the buzzing noise.


      All i3-8100, i5-8400 and i7-8700 seem to be sharing the same cooler model 'E97379-003' from maker 'DELTA', but given that only cooler from i7-8700 is making this noise, I concluded that the cooler is defective.


      Can I still file a warranty claim in this case? CPU seems to be working fine, but it is just this cooler that is making buzzing noise... and I was wondering if Intel would honor warranty for this case.

      (Will I need to send cooler & cpu back together, even when it is just cooler that seems to be defective?)