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    VGA Monitor clearer than HDMI


      I just bot a new desktop computer and 2 monitors. The monitors only have VGA plugs and cords and the computer has only 1 VGA port so I got an adapter for one monitor for the HDMI port on the computer. I have an Intel HD630 graphics card. The monitor on the VGA port is definitely clearer for text and images than the monitor on the HDMI with the adapter. What would be the best way to fix this? Is the adapter too cheap? Or are there settings I could change?

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          Hello Genelg,


          Thank you for joining the Graphics Community. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with this matter. 


          Bear in mind that Intel does not validate video adapters, so any behavior with them is considered expected. Intel recommends straight connections for the proper communication between the components. You can try with a different adapter, but it could end up in the same behavior. My recommendation is to contact your computer manufacturer in order to check if they have validated an specific brand and model of adapter for your computer model.



          Amy C.