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    i7-7700k Temperature spikes on even loads.


      Not even a week ago I purchased a 7700k and instantly was blown by its performance. It was only after a sudden shutdown that I realized the temps were spiking like crazy. I have read over forums and many saying its common but even under Aida 64 extreme test, (the benchmark should produce consistent temperatures) and instead, temps are spiking from 50-90 ºC. I seriously don't find this normal, maybe there's something wrong?. For anyone asking, I have a Corsair 110i gt, but something I'm seeing which is unusual is that the pump temperature is very low, normally under 40ºC. I've installed this same cooler on a Ryzen 5 1600x and an i5 4690k and both had stable/ low temps so I'm installing it correctly. As of now, I'm worrying that the TIM is not working properly. Lastly, I would like to add that I have re-mounted the cooler twice and changed the paste twice as well, nothing helps. Please someone help me, I'm going crazy...



      CPU - i7-7700k stock

      Motherboard - Asus Z270 Prime-A

      CPU Cooler - Corsair H110i GT