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    8700K questions (and some odd findings)




      I would like to ask if there is a datasheet for the 8700K to be downloaded somewhere ?


      Im trying to get my DDR3000 ram to be stable with my 8700K, so full specs on the Cpu and voltage ranges would be very nice to have for tweaking the IMC safely


      And to anyone haveing issues with your 8700K at stock settings, do check your bios and disable MCE, Core enhancement, Enhanced turbo ratio, or whatever the producent has called this option.


      Also this may not be enough in it self, on both my Asrock Z370M Pro4 and MSI Z370 SLI Plus i had to manualy input stock turbo values for 1,2,3,4-5 and 6 core use, or they would still go to 4,7Ghz on all cores on "stock/auto" settings


      You can use Realtemp (run the i7TurboGT.exe) to monitor core clocks indevidualy under load.