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    Intel Graphics driver


      I have accidentally uninstalled Intel HD Graphics driver. How can I get back the driver. Please help me.

      I have attached my system properties

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          Al Hill

          Well, you are in bad shape.  Both your (Sandy Bridge) processor and HD Graphics are NOT supported on Windows 10.

          Intel® Pentium® Processor G620 (3M Cache, 2.60 GHz) Product Specifications

          Does My Intel® Processor Support Microsoft Windows® 10?

          Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Graphics Products


          What drivers there are for Windows prior to Windows 10 can be found here:

          Support for Intel® HD Graphics for Previous Generation Intel®...


          Now, if you had restore/check points on, you might be able to do a restore to a point before you deleted the graphics driver.


          Other than that, you will be using the Microsoft generic driver.



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            I'll give a quite different answer than the other person.


            Yes Sandy bridge, Arrandale and prior intel integrated graphics are not supported on windows 10.

            Long story short, that's marketing sillyness, as it can perform up to spec on windows 10 (or above official specs when intel gives you even more poopiness)

            Little fun story there: Broken OpenGL support on Windows 10.


            Want your drivers back?  Right click on "This PC" under windows explore, go to properties.

            Click on "Advanced system settings" on the left side, and in the new window, the "Hardware" tab.

            Go to the "Device installation settings" and check that the "yes, recommanded" is checked. If not, check it

            Then go to device manager, then, Display adpaters, your integrated graphic, right click, properties, driver tab, then update, and let it automatically search for it on windows update.

            The generic driver from microsoft for Arrandale and + is quite capable (opengl and stuff works fine), way better than the one for Core2duo integrated GMAs... and probably the one you had prior your mistake. Give it a try!

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              Al Hill

              What you say may be corrent.  However, the official position is that the configuration is not supported.


              If you want to belabor the point on some other forum where these types of discussions are welcome, please do so.


              Hiowever, this site is for products that are officially suppored.


              Also, keep your language clean.



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                I know that's not the official position, and the official position wouldn't be an issue if their position wasn't to prevent perfectly working hardware to use its full capabilities on an operating system which can take advantage of it all.


                If the official position was that intel mobile series 4 was capable of only 2.0 OpenGL as said on the charts because it really was, I would accept it. But in fact, it's not, it has 2.1 hardware support, only drivers are busting it!

                If the official position was that it had only 1.1 OpenGL support on windows 10 because of a MAJOR switch in technologies, I would accept it. But in fact, it's not. Again, it's their drivers that are busting it.


                They lie about windows 10 capabilities to exploit this chip fully, locking it down to opengl 1.1, they also lie about the real capabilities of their own hardware, which rocks 2.1 opengl but they only say 2.0 compliant on all their charts and official answers, they also volontary force people to buy new hardware by not realeasing proper drivers that makes sense.

                The last 2 drivers for this chip were in 2011 and 2012. And the last one was for windows XP 64bit, 2 years before the end of life of the 12years old OS, 4 years after the launch of the chip. But no driver for windows 8? Seriously?


                You bought some hardware. They are your propertie and your right of usage on it is absolute. You want to break it, use it, sell it, you can. But less than 4years after you buy it, they start to set things so you have to buy new else you can't even use your apps at all on an OS that gets security updates AND new features you need your chip to work for you to benefit of them.



                That the same thing as buying a car, but 4 years later, new security measures, no more glossy paint on cars to avoid reflections. Ooooh too bad, your car is more than 4 years old, and that's not an high end one. Sorry, you can't drive it anymore, we won't apply paint on cheap cars. Let it in the parking lot and buy a new one.

                My unofficial solution is to foxing paint it yourself or get some nice guy accepting to do for free whats needed to get use of what you paid for !! I'm not the bad girl there °^°



                So, al.hill , when I propose unofficial solutions, I say it is unofficial, and if their is risks, and if it can fails really hard.

                Still, if this site if for officialy supported products only, you shouldn't have answered to this post at all, nor the OP shouldn't have posted it, because it is an unsupported chip now.

                Please indicate me the "official unsupported forum" where intel officials are BSing all day so you throw your low-middle end computer in a trashcan a buy it new each time its guaranty expires because we clearly have the money for it and don't care about having your computer working to the full extent of its capabilities.


                So yeah, I'm tired of all that, and I actually got a x201 on top of my x200, got the same issue, didn't even bothered to make a post, took lastest w7 intel drivers, patched files, patched registry, working like a charm. If a dumbdumb fox like me who doodles around with computer can make up working drivers, sure intel could if they weren't just pooping on you and lying with official smiles.


                My language is not the cleanest, but given the rip off and the plain lies we can get on here, few light swear words are way less rude. Not the sharpest either, but I learned english through music, movies, and reading APIs and code documentation.


                AT LAST, the thing is that I see you're an IT expert. I know big companies want officially supported solutions for their hardware... but seriously... you have hardware in your hands, and something humongously stupid makes it unable to work... don't tell me you give up at the first official lie, please? Make me believe this world still have a chance.


                Best Regards, a vix °^°

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                  Al Hill

                  Unsupported products are what they are - unsupported.


                  If one wants to use the G620, they certainly can.  And, they can use it on a supported Operating System, like Windows 7.


                  Now, the G620 processor is seven years old.  In the last seven years, how many times have you replaced your cell phone, and why?


                  Think about it, while you are driving your four year old car.


                  I have no time to listen to your senseless comments and diatribe.  I am no longer following this thread.



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                    They are unsupported, doesn't mean they should lie about their specs to make them seem crapier than they really are, because, yes, the charts on the mobile series 4 for example stated 2.0 opengl, where with stock intel drivers on w7, it rocks 2.1.

                    That's a plain, straight, lie. Not sensless diatribe. Just you being told a truth with proofs.


                    And they did stopped updating drivers for it only 3 years after release. It's not acceptable either.


                    And I rock the same cellphone from 2009, because a phone is meant to take calls and send text messages.

                    For all the rest, there are computers, because computers are supposed to be versatile, and last more than a kleenex, or longer than roguery when it comes to having arguments to making it seem like truth.


                    You gave no arguments, you just hid yourself behind your IT tittle and the fact it's <now> old, to pretend we shouldn't care about all the others issues, like straight >lies< and poor support even at the time this hardware was still quite new.


                    You mice.


                    Peace out.