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    X56xx vs W36xx series




      I have some spare parts laying around - all except the CPU - and I think it's a good opportunity to build a system out of them.

      FYI - P6T6 WS (X58), 12GB DDR3, SSD


      Top CPUs supported by that board are the X5690 and the W3690. Given the fact that both the top X and top W series will cost just over 120USD (used) and the fact that a W3680 about 40% cheaper, I m considering that as well:


      Intel® Product Specification Comparison


      Strange thing is that few benchmarks I found, suggest that the W3690 has a slight edge over the X5690. Hell, even W3680 puts just a little more punch than the X5690 in terms of performance. How come? Only difference is that the X series can go dual (whilst the W series can't), supports VT-d and more RAM (which I don't mind, as I only install 12GB RAM)


      Other than that, the X5690 has just over 10C TCASE temp tolerance.


      Given the substantial price gap in favour of the W3680, is there any reason I should look towards the X5690? Performance seems to be already in favour of the W3680 (for reasons I can't understand...). Price is too. What about longevity? I will be purchasing from a company who gets these CPU from working servers (and not some kids' overclocked PC...) Hence, a CPU like that that has had proper cooling and haven't been overclocked, should have some plenty of juice left in it, right?


      e.g. Re: What affects to CPU lifespan?

      Antony mentioned like 20 years?? And I don't think he was referring to a Xeon (which should last a bit longer)


      Your thoughts please!