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    i3 8350k insane temps?


      I just got a brand new i3 8350k but its temperatures are too high, even while using a 240mm watercooling solution which I have used with another CPUs before

      Temps are between 60C and 70C while browsing with Chrome or exploring folders, core temps are between 70C and 83C

      The problem here is every time I try to play a game CPU goes up to 80C and core temps skyrocket to 85-90C and the computer turns off after 5 minutes of gameplay.

      I've reapplied thermal paste 3 times, tried with MX-4 and Arctic Silver 5 but temps won't drop, I'm using AIDA64, HWinfo64 and Corsair Link to monitor temps and all 3 are reporting the same

      I used to have an overclocked AMD FX-8370 with the same cooling and its temps were between 44 and 68C MAX so I have no idea what's going on