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    8700k memory controller issue ?


      Hello all


      Looking for some help to try identify a problem.


      I have built a new system using the following hardware


      I7 8700k

      Gigabyte z370 gaming 7

      Corsair vengeance 4x8gb 3000mhz


      The problem I am having is that I can not use all 4 sticks of ram. When I try to boot up the system will not post. If I use the memory in channel B the system will post and I can run as per normal. if I put a stick or 2 sticks into channel A the system will not post at all


      I have tried loading xmp profiles. I have launched a ticket with gigabyte incase they have any suggestions for the board and the bios (updated to latest) but I have also been led to believe that possibly this could be a cpu problem on the memory controller. I have done a memtest which passed with no errors.


      So looking for ideas if there is a way to test the cpu from the equation