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    Intel hd4600 increase shared gpu memory


      Hi i got a laptop with Intel i7-4700mq( base clock 2.4Ghz - 4cores) and intel integrated gpu hd4600.

      Running windows 10 x64 with 24gb of ram (max 32gb).

      I have already increase my dedicated gpu memory from 128mb to 512mb.

      Can i increase my shared gpu memory(current value 2gb )?

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          The Intel HD Graphics Windows 10 driver automatically manages the shared memory for you. By default (if you do not change its configuration), it will support up to half of your physical memory being shared for graphics (presuming that much is ever truly asked for).


          If you are truly being limited to 2GB and you did not impose this limit (in the driver's configuration), then this limit is being imposed by your system's BIOS. in this case, if you cannot figure out how to turn this off, you need to contact your board manufacturer for help (we cannot help you; its not our BIOS).


          Hope this helps,


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            N.Scott Pearson, thanks for the prompt reply, unfortunately i dont believe toshiba will be of any help, what you said was very helpfull.