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    FreeBSD/OPNsense igb issue with I211-AT embedded nics, link gone sometimes, only ifconfig d/u fixes it


      Hi all,


      I'm doing intensive testing of OPNsense (firewall solution based on FreeBSD 11.0/11.1) with a device from Jetway with 10 embedded i211-AT NICs: JBC390F541AA :: HBJC390F541AA19B :: Intel Celeron Bay Trail J1900 3.5" SBC Barebone :: JETWAY COMPUTER CORP.


      From time to time, the link is not responding any more. E.g. a ping to a neighbor system does not work any more. I do not get any hints in log files.

      Only doing a "ifconfig igbX down" followed by a "ifconfig igbX up" fixes the issue.


      I did extensive testing which I have documented here:

      WAN link gone sometimes (igb driver, I211 nics), ifconfig d/u fixes it (forum.opnsense.org)


      As I'm still seeing this issue from time to time, I'd like to ask this question here in case that anybody else has ever seen this issue before.


      Best regards,