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    Graphics glitch using MPC-HC on Intel HD 520


      Hello there...


      For two weeks, without actively changing anything, I have random glitches watching pretty much any video using Media Player Classic.

      According to Windows (10, 64bit, Build 15063), it has automatically updated the graphics drivers (to, so I am suspecting the issue lies here.


      About two or three times per hour of watching, there is a single glitch at the right border of the screen, varying in vertical position.

      The glitch lasts exactly one frame.

      It is not in the video file, but I have managed to take a screengrab by using the windows screen recording tool:




      Going back a few seconds and watching the same scene again does not reproduce the issue, the occurence of the glitch seems to be totally random.


      I have ruled out various software that could be the cause, like Discord and its overlay feature, the Windows gaming bar and a few others.

      Other media players or the Windows Netflix app do not produce the glitch.


      Does anyone here have any idea?

      Thanks in advance


      - Andi