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    Basic HD4600 hardware ID match is missing for (


      A match for the supported hardware ID VEN_8086&DEV_0416 is missing from the .4835 drivers submitted to the Windows Update Catalog. The previous two drivers for the Intel 4700mq integrated HD 4600 provide this ID string but those drivers did not work with Windows 10 Pro with hyper-v enabled. (See the 15.40 multiple monitor/hyper-v threads elsewhere in this forum featuring @Ronald_Intel .)


      Please submit a .4835 driver update package with this hardware ID string (and I'd assume pci\ven_8086&dev_0412 too) so that Windows setup and updates work as expected.


      If there is a reason why this supported hardware ID string would be dropped it be great to know.




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          The driver is already there



          As Windows update fails, get driver from here:

          -NEW- Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 and Windows 7*/8.1*.

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            Stefan3D the basic match hardware ID string for the 4600 is not available via the catalog. The only three listed .4835 packages for the 4600 all match on the SUBSYS unlike the previous two drivers which both also match/list the generic VEN_8086&DEV_0416 and 0412 as supported hardware ID strings. Now that the bug is fixed it'd be nice if this fixed version matched too. Anyone disagree?


            BTW - I've already manually installed the .4835 but knowing that I will need to do so again on the next fresh install/rebuild is what prompted this request.


            My system is a Toshiba P75-A7200 PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0416&SUBSYS_FA721179&REV_06 which means it isn't 'supported' by Toshiba anymore since they majorly dropped the ball (and whole business units/product lines) leaving many of us to fend for ourselves regarding the usage of Windows 10 1703 and later. It was supported when the whole hyper-v/multi-monitor bug was introduced but that is neither here-nor-there now. While it's a major bummer to have a vendor specific string in the device string (when all they did was repackage the generic driver) there is no reason that I can see for the Intel driver packages to eliminate the generic match ID strings from Windows Update.

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              So, I've needed to go through the whole song and dance (update, roll-back, hide, re-install, blah blah blah) for using the .4835 drivers 4 times since first using it in December (the fresh installs, feature updates, etc aren't Intel's fault) and if you could just submit a .4835 package with the supported IDs for the 4600 as you've done for the previous versions the whole thing would be sooooo much easier, faster, and less error prone. If there's a reason this isn't being done could you perhaps explain it?




              You can see this Win10-Anniversary .4549 package as an example:



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                Here are the direct links without vendor/subsys IDs


                64 bit


                32 bit


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                  Hi Stefan3D,


                  Perhaps I'm being dense but I don't see how those cabs would in any way help eliminate the issue of Windows Update updating to a broken driver (older Win10 versions had broken hyper-v multiple monitor handling) from being downloaded during Feature Updates and Fresh Installs. Would they? Or are you offering them up to whomever is responsible for submitting a package to Microsoft?


                  I'm guessing the only thing that would fix the mis-identification which forces an 'update' to older versions during those times is mimicking the Package Detail of the previous Win 10 packages. I mean if the previous versions got released that way, then why not the fixed one? Yeah/No/?

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                    Sorry for confusion.

                    I only wanted to let you know that Microsoft has uploaded basic versions.

                    Check this link instead

                    Microsoft Update Catalog


                    Theoretically this version should be offered by Windows update now.

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                      Thank you for that, I definitely missed it. My understanding of how the driver matches would work with Windows 10 feature releases must be lacking as the .4835 driver package you linked is definitely not being picked up by my system and after a bit more research it looks like the matches for the .4549 and .4624 are matching against the subsys. It seems that last Intel published package matching the full hardware id was the .4474 version and the following Windows 10 driver releases actually are the last of the (broken) releases Toshiba put out before dismantling the product line and support.


                      If whoever is responsible for the display driver releases would be so kind as to add a match in the current .4835 and future 15.40 drivers for


                      Toshiba P75>devcon listclass Display
                      Listing 1 devices in setup class "Display" (Display adapters).
                      PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0416&SUBSYS_FA721179&REV_06\3&11583659&0&10: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600
                      Toshiba P75>devcon drivernodes =Display
                          Name: Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600
                      Driver node #0:
                          Inf file is C:\WINDOWS\INF\display.inf
                          Inf section is MSBDA
                          Driver description is Microsoft Basic Display Adapter
                          Manufacturer name is (Standard display types)
                          Provider name is Microsoft
                          Driver date is 6/21/2006
                          Driver version is 10.0.16299.15
                          Driver node rank is 16457734
                          Driver node flags are 00102044
                              Inf is digitally signed
                      Driver node #1:
                          Inf file is C:\WINDOWS\INF\oem0.inf
                          Inf section is iHSWM_w10
                          Driver description is Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600
                          Manufacturer name is Intel Corporation
                          Provider name is Intel Corporation
                          Driver date is 10/16/2017
                          Driver version is
                          Driver node rank is 13705217
                          Driver node flags are 00042040
                              Inf is digitally signed
                      1 matching device(s) found.


                      it would be great. Or perhaps someone knows how the Generic matching HWID could be set to have a higher priority than the older broken match with the subsys?


                      Like perhaps changing the order in the registry??


                      Any which way, the .4835 should definitely be picked up for over any of the broken (multiple monitor/hyper-v) so if a system Vendor is no longer around to do it who does? Particularly when the hardware is still 'active' for Intel...

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                        Just wanted to say... this manual rollback to previous driver after a Windows update is still needed... Update decided the old broken version is still the right version.


                        Why can't they all just get along...

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                          So... here we are yet again.


                          Please Intel, please please please find someone, anyone, at your corporation with the authority to assign the ( driver to the device VEN_8086&DEV_0416; even if you need to be vendor specific (since Toshiba closed down the division there is no one there to ask, but perhaps Intel has a better relationship to ask for this than an end user).


                          The driver that WSU assigns via Windows Catalog matching is __still__ the older Hyper-V broken 4549 driver and the latest 15.40 driver released has reports showing on this forum and other forums as having the multiple monitor hyper-v issue yet again.


                          We totally understand that this is now considered to be an older platform that doesn't need updated drivers, blah blah blah and that you'd rather 'be done with it' but since the driver -> hyper-v issue took well over a year to fix and the 4835 only really stayed as the updated driver for just a little while before security patches brought about a newer (now hyper-v bugged) driver would you mind just giving us a little love and leave us getting a fully working driver for this hardware id before you officially take your team and move fully to gen 6+?


                          The hardware info was previously given but I'll be glad to give more info if it would help.




                          PS - The 4835 even seems to work on windows April Update 1803 __if__ you jump through the fresh install hoops. If anyone has need to know the specific steps from the Windows side of things (since the Intel manual install instructions and the WindowsCentral instructions both service the driver side just fine) I will be glad to provide them.