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    Can i use Cryorig M9i with 8700K stock?


      Hello. I bought cpu 8700K . And cooler:


      Can i mount using this cooler? Somebody said that this cooler is too bad. Thank you for opinion.

      Memory GSKILL 2x8GB 3000mhz

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi : Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® Processors communities. We will do our best to provide the information you are looking for.

          In  regard to your inquiry, the TDP of the processor is 95 W, so as long as the fan covers that amount of wattage or higher it should work just fine with the Intel® i7-8700K processor. Keep in mind that will also depend if the fan is fully compatible with the board and the case, to confirm that we recommend to get in contact directly with the manufacturer of the unit:

          Also, remember that the proper memory RAM configuration for this processor is: DDR4-2666MHz, we advice to use the memory at that speed, 3000MHz might be too high.

          Any further questions, please let me know.

          Alberto R

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            My memory is 3000mhz 2x8GB GSKILL. And any reviews said that this cpu will be much faster with 2666mhz above memory speed. So why you say that this can be too high?

            2666mhz and above is recommended for 8700K.

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              Intel Corporation
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              : Thank you for that information. Yes, we recommend to use the processor at stock configurations with default BIOS settings, the memory controller is located on the processor and it is the one that indicates the max speed that should be set for memory RAM, if you force the processor to run at a speed it does not support it might get damage. It is the same scenario with overclocking which is not cover under warranty, you can always use the processor at 3000MHz, is just that we advice to comply with the specifications for the better performance of the computer.
              Any questions, please let me know.
              Alberto R

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                Ok so why many peoples using and recommending ram speed above 2666mhz to make fully performance of 8700K?


                And why ram producers are selling ram with 3000mhz+ speed.

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                  I will state this clearly:


                  1. Intel validates for and certifies the operation of their processors to specific speeds. In this particular case, it certifies the processor (from 2133) to 2666 MHz. Any speed above this certified level is considered to be an overclocking the processor. Intel does not certify that the processor will operate correctly at these higher speeds.
                  2. The ability for a particular solution (processor+motherboard+DIMM(s)) to operate at a certain speed is dependent upon a number of factors. Most important is the design of the motherboard. The problem is noise. Noise is generated by the processor, the DIMMs and by other components attached or connected to the motherboard. The design of the memory bus(es), including such factors as trace length, bus termination, etc., is critical to the sustainable noise levels and bus speeds possible. In addition, you must take two issues into account: (a) the noise generated by two identical components (including processors) can vary significantly and (b) the noise generated by a component will increase as the component ages. From these two issues, understand that: (1) given two identical solutions, it is possible that one could work and the other not and (2) because a solution works initially, this does not mean that it will work always.


                  Ok, what does all this mean?


                  1. Will a solution involving this particular processor and 3000 MHz memory work? Provided that you are using a good quality motherboard, it should work, but (a) this is not guaranteed and (b) the fact that it works today does not mean that it will work in the future. Obviously, the faster you operate the memory bus(es), the closer you will be to the noise failure thresholds and the sooner that you will reach these thresholds.
                  2. Can faster memory make a difference to system performance? Yes. Will this difference be significant? IMHO, No. Why do DRAM producers sell faster memory? To make more money off the suckers that fall for the hype.



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                    The OP wanted to know if he could run the stated heatsink-fan with the processor mentioned. Yes that Cryorig fan can be used with an 8700k processor. The unit mentioned I have used in several builds, including with various I5's and I7's although for I7's I usually use a Coolermaster Hyper 212 or Cryorig H7 in builds.  I7's obviously produce a bit more heat with the extra threads and usually higher clocks speeds as well as the Turbo clock speeds (Intel's own boost) with I7's. The issue has nothing to do with noise as mentioned above. The issue is can the unit fit, and will it cool sufficiently. On nearly all Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, ASrock H-B-Z series boards since 1st gen I5-I7 iteration with a normal socket interface yes it will fit, Since the mentioned unit is also small it will also fit fin in most mATX cases.


                    Regarding memory speeds, DDR4 3000 is just fine, if you are using a Z series board by a popular manufacturer you can usually set XMP in the memory settings of the mainboard bios, save, exit and the memory will run at the "rated" speeds of the ram in most cases just fine. All DDR4 memory are actually DDR4 2133 based and going past that, DDR4 2400-2666-2800-3000-3200-3600 etc, are actually "binned" units tested as working at those speeds by the OEM of the ram chips. Heat isn't an issue with running memory past DDR 2666 as stated above, the issue is usually maintaining stability and even this is usually no problem with a good Z series board. Heat actually comes from running your processor out of specifications by raising your CPU ratio (multiplier) and thus your clock speed, and then raising your CPU voltage to maintain stability. Intel sells overclocking warranties. K series processors run very good at stock speeds but are unlocked to be able to have the control to overclock them. Overclocking motherboards come at various quality and capabilities from the well known manufacturers.


                    People who buy DDR4 3000-3200-3600 are not "suckers". Many of them (myself included) are extremely well versed in technological performance of processors and performance computing. It is true that the performance delta going from DDR4 2400 to DDR4 3200 isn't that high but there is a difference, and in gaming there is a large difference in a few titles but most of the DDR4 performance gains are with AMD not so much Intel.





                    1. Yes you can run the stated HSF with your processor but I would recommend the bigger brother Cryorig (H7) for an 8700k.

                    2. DDR 3000 is just fine do not listen to naysayers about this issue because there is no issue. You'll be fine with DDR3 3000 @ XMP (although note with a few Z370 boards XMP can cause a C states issue for proper Intel Turbo Boost).

                    3.  Noise from using memory past DDR4 2666 isn't even a "thing" -- it's when you overclock by MHZ by raising your CPU ratio that cases heat due to having to increase CPU voltage, and thus you need better airflow (better CPU fan or AIO unit) to cool it down while keeping it quiet).