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    Can't get Optane Memory to work


      Just completed a new build and have tried every tip I can find and the enable is still greyed out.  Windows sees it but looks like it just sees it as a little ssd drive.  I have double, triple and quadruple check the bios and CSM is off, remap is turned on, Intel RST is selected (instead of ACHI).  I have tried it in both M.2_1 and M.2_2 I have moved all the other SATA's to non-shared lanes so the M.2's have it to themselves.  Getting frustrated since I have been working on this since Christmas any one with ideas or success would be greatly appreciated.


      I have attached the intel support generated document


      MB = AsRocks Z370 Extreme 4

      HD = 2x1TB Seagate Barracuda setup as Raid 1 (mirror)

      Windows 10 latest build (but also did on pre-update build)

      BIOS updated