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    NUC7i7BNH refuses to hibernate after restart




      I'm not entirely sure whether the issue is NUC related or purely a Windows bug, but I only ever encountered it with the new NUC. The OS is Win 10 x64 Education with all patches installed to this date. I have a PCIe SSD, a SATA HDD and 8GB RAM installed.


      The problem is the following: If the NUC boots up after a restart (regular restart button or "shutdown -r") and then I try to hibernate it, the screen goes dark for a second and then I'm immediately back to the lock screen (or to the desktop if entering the password after sleep/hibernate is disabled). If I try to hibernate it via command line ("shutdown -h"), it does the same and returns an error: "Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service (1450)." Sleep mode (S3, suspend to RAM) still works though. It also seems not to depend on whether the hybrid sleep mode or the quick boot mode is on in the power settings.


      However, if I shutdown the NUC completely ("shutdown -s") and boot it up by pressing the power button, hibernation works again and I can boot up and hibernate indefinitely. Only if there is a restart in between, hibernation will stop working until it's shutdown and started up again via the power button.


      That's very strange behavior and I don't know where to even start troubleshooting, as there is no error in the event log if the hibernation fails with the 1450 code. And since the problem consistently happens after a restart (i.e. where the NUC is not technically powered down before booting up), I suspect it might be hardware related...


      Could anybody reproduce this?