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    Updated all drivers just fine - but... this one?    Intel® Ethernet Connection I219-V ??????????


      Intel® Ethernet Connection I219-V







      So all installed fine - scanning shows all have updated. Now matter how many times I install this update, it doesn't change.  Says latest version is 22.9

      and says installed is 

      I have done a full remove - and a uninstall of this from device manager.  Installed  LAAN_WIN (new version) and scanning says I still have same old version!?!?



      win10 pro on i3 NUC kit.   SAYS THIS......

      Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Network Connection Driver for Windows® 10 for Intel® NUC Kit NUC6i3SY, NUC6i5SY, NUC6i7KYK



      Update available


      This download record installs the LAN driver for Windows® 10, for the Intel® NUC Kit with the Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Network Connection.

      December 26, 2017


      76 MB

      Learn more


      • ManufacturerIntel
      • AvailabilityRunning at full power
      • StatusThis device is working properly.
      • InstalledTrue
      • MAC AddressF4:4D:30:65:CB:0F
      • Service Namee1dexpress
      • Driver ProviderIntel
      • Driver Version12.17.8.7
      • Driver Date9/29/2017
      • Device IdPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_1570&SUBSYS_20638086&REV_21\3&11583659&0&FE
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          The LAN software packages install the drivers necessary for the (Intel) MAC and PHY solutions included on a board. There are multiple MAC and multiple PHY solutions, so there are a significant number of drivers included within the software packages. Each of these drivers has its own version number and these version numbers are independent of the version number for the entire package. For the i219-V PHY, as you have seen, the driver version included in the 22.9 package happens to be


          As you have found, the DSA tool does not comprehend this versioning difference and thus continues to report an update as being available when there really isn't. Intel is working on this issue. They will let us know when they have it addressed.



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            Intel Corporation
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            Hello Ron_K

            Thank you for contacting Intel Support,

            I understand that you are having problems updating a specific driver, I apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing.

            Regarding the problem, In order to assist you the best way we require you to provide us with the model of the Intel® product you are using. 

            As soon as we receive the information about the unit that is not allowing you to update the driver I will attempt to look for a solution.

            David V