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    How to get usable depth values for calculation?


      Dear Intel® RealSense Community,


      I am a mechanical engineer at a Chinese robot company. My current task is to get the Intel® RealSense R200 to work. Our use cases would be real-time obstacle avoidance and 3D mapping. So I am currently trying to get usable depth values from the camera’s raw data, which I can use for calculation (e.g. X=420 Y=120 Z=1.23234). But unfortunately from the example source code files I can’t figure out how to get access to these values. Maybe you can help me?


      I know that I need to initialize the camera with a valid configuration first. And I should use a separated thread for running the stream handling. So far I can follow the code. But my programming skills are lacking of deeper knowledge to understand how the image processing is working. Maybe you could explain it to me?


      Thank you a lot!


      Best Regards,