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    HD 530 suddenly disapears



      I have been using the HD 530 IGPU of my i7 (6700k) since I bought this processor (February, 2016) without issues and I was really satisfied with the results so I never felt the need to add a discrete graphics card.

      Two days ago, just after booting into windows (the desktop had finished loading, all was fine), my monitor suddenly went blank with a message: "no signal". At first I thought it was a windows problem so I rebooted but nothing, not ever at the bios level. I tried changing the cable, using the display-port instead of the hdmi port, but nothing.

      Finally, I installed a spare discrete graphics card I had from a previous build and no problem, I could boot into windows, no issues.

      Since I would still prefer using the IGPU, I tried reset the bios and remove the discrete graphics card (then no signal). I logged into the computer remotely, and the IGPU dosn't appear in the device manager.

      I reinstalled the discrete graphics card and checked the bios again (btw, the motherboard is an ASUS Z170 Pro, latest bios). There I checked the integrated graphics settings and it says IGPF Vbios: NONE, something I found a bit strange.

      Anyway, until now I have found no solution, and while using the gt 730 I installed works, I would still prefer going back to the integrated HD 530.

      Any help would be appreciated, per advance, thank you



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          Sounds like a BIOS issue.

          Did you already replace the CMOS battery on your motherboard?


          Try different graphics settings described at pages 29ff in your motherboard's manual


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            Thank you Stefan.

            Yes, I checked the CMOS battery with a voltmeter and it is fine.

            My motherboard is not the Pro Gaming, but the Z 170 Pro (without the Gaming). It has less options in the bios (basically, using it concurrently with a discrete card or not, and if yes, select which card is the main one). I tried all the options but without success.

            I would be tempted to re-flash the bios but I must admit I am a bid worried I could make the things worst ("brick" the whole computer).

            Anyway, thank you for your help