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    Out of Range


      When i was trying to install windows 10 with a dvd/usb,  while booting in loading logo after a while when the time of loading animation , i can see that monitor displays out of range 87.6 out of 60 hz

      please give me a solution to solve this

      My board is DH61WW_@

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          If I understand what you are saying (your message is pretty tough to decipher; you could explain it better), there appears to be a compatibility issue between your monitor and the board. This board is 6 years old and HDMI has changed a lot since then, so I am not surprised by this result. Further, this board passed its end-of-life date a number of years ago, so there will not be any fixes forthcoming. Finally, this board and processor are NOT supported in Windows 10; you are on your own for compatibility issues.