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    Re: Computer won't boot.



      I recenlty completed building my first computer.


      My specs are:
      Gigabyte P55-UD3 motherboard
      Intel Core-i3 530
      DDR3 Corsair 2x2GB Desktop Memory, 1333mhz
      Gigabyte Odin 720w power supply
      Gigabyte Ge force 260 GTX Super-Overclocked(SOC)
      500GB HD
      Cooler master CM storm scout mid tower
      Sony 24X optical drive


      And yes, this is the problem my pc won't boot up. It was working very well for around a week or so, suddenly it shutted down on me. Fought it was not problem and tried turning it on, unfortunatly it won't turn on. The motherboard seems to recieve power since the top fan spins for 1sec and also the phase led on the top right corner of the mother blinks once, just the first led blinks green and goes off. Also the 2 sidepanel fan led on the window goes on for a sec. I've checked the PSU on another computer, worked fine. I'm not really sure whats the problem but i think its either the RAM or CPU.


      Any help would be appreciated.

      Thank you.