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    Unable to configure Intel Nvme in RAID mode on AMD ryzen platfrom


      Hi ,

      We are using AMD ryzen platfroms for NVME RAID solution on AMD platfroms. We are unable to configure intel Nvme's as RAID arrays.

      Intel Nvme is always in offline state when raid enabled on AMD platfrom.

      Please help us in understanding on how to configure intel Nvme in RAID mode.

      able to detect the intel nvme as pure Nvme device in non-raid mode.

      this issue not observed with samsung, toshiba, kingston nvme devices.

      Also no issues with intel SATA SDD's in RAID mode.

      Does intel Nvme work only on Intel platform in raid mode?

      i have purchased 4 intel devices and unale to use on AMD platfroms due to not support.

      Intel Optane 900p

      Intel Solid State Drive 750 Series PCIe NVMe400 GB

      Intel Solid State Drive 750 Series U.2NVMe400 GB