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    pci communications controller error




      i installed win10 and the driver fr pci communications controller is not installed.

      my motherboard is dg9650t


      please help



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          This is Intel Desktop Board DG965OT.


          The device being identified as a PCI Simple Communications Controller is actually the Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI). You need to install the MEI Driver software package to resolve this device. Driver, Software and BIOS downloads for the DG965OT board are available here: Downloads for Intel Desktop Board DG965OT. You will notice that there are no downloads for Windows 10. This board is simply too old; manufacturing was terminated in 2008 and support was terminated in 2011 (before even Windows 8 was released).


          Windows 10, while not supported, should install and run on the DG965OT board (albeit poorly). Driver-level support will be provided by the Microsoft Compatibility Drivers (MCDs). If these work, great. If issues occur, however, you are on your own (Microsoft nor Intel will provide support). It appears that the MCDs do not provide support for the MEI. This is unfortunate, but should not be an issue as you should not need the MEI. The only software that used this interface was Intel Desktop Utilities (IDU), but IDU was not supported on Windows 10 on this board. Because there is no support, however, this device remain unresolved in Windows Device Manager. You'll have to ignore it...


          Hope this helps,


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            Thanks Scott,


            I tried to install MEI (Intel® Management Engine Driver for 963 and 965 Chipset-Based Desktop Boards) but it did not recognize the board.


            The problem is that my Keyboard is not working as expected (I need to press each button a second for each word).


            So I don't know if the PCI driver will repair the problem.


            What do you think?


            Thanks for your help.



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              No, this will not help. You've hit a compatibility issue and it is unlikely you will find anything that will correct it. It is time to replace this old beast.