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    SSD toolbox BSOD when open with Intel 600p Drive


      Hi. I have an Asus Q270M-QSM motherboard with an i7 7700 CPU, an Intel 600p NVMe drive and two SATA RAID 1 drives being managed by RST.

      Each time I open up intel SSD Toolbox I see the graphic, it starts making a pie chart like it is suppose to and then I will get Different BSOD error messages.


      if I open up Intel RST I do not get any issues. i first started noticing something going on with this when I was running the Intel SSU utility to gather information and it would BSOD whenever it went to collect information for storage. If I left it unchecked it would not BSOD. As I have narrowed it down to when I open SSD Toolbox I don't know if it is a problem with my NMVe or is this a known issue with version 3.4.9?




      Lyle Epstein

      Kortek Solutions