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    Intel EXPI9301ct: counterfeit or not




      I need to buy a network card Intel EXPI9301CT and want to know how to distinguish original card from counterfeit.


      I know that original card have the following:

      1) RJ-45 within opened bus pins and orange tape over it

      2) Transformer 'Delta'

      3) YottaMark golographic mark (for cards produced since 2009 year)


      BUT cards I have seen in the market are differ from original one:

      1) RJ-45 pinout contained in the black box

      2) Transormer 'Pulse'

      3) No any YottaMarks


      They looks like as one the ebay page: INTEL EXPI9301CT Gigabit CT Desktop PCI-e Network Adapter 82574L Chipset NIC | eBay


      Please help me to know how to distinguish original Intel expi9301ct:


      1) Is Intel uses 'Pulse' transformers on its network cards? Is it means that the card is counterfeit?

      2) Is YottaMark should be on ALL Intel cards?


      Thank you!