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    Nuc 7i7 Digital Microphone


      Does anybody know what the digital microphone protocol on the NUC7i7 and 7i5BN boards is?  I believe it may be I2S but there is no clarification on what the data format and clock speeds are.   I am building a custom case for this board and want to set up Microsoft Cortona, however I need a digital microphone input to do so.  




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          Information for the board connector is as follows (from board TPS):


               Table 18. Digital Microphone (DMICS) Array Connector (1.25 mm Pitch)


                    Pin          Signal Name

                    1              Ground

                    2              +3.3 V DC (+3V3_DMIC)

                    3              Clock (DMIC_CLK)

                    4              Data (DMIC_DAT)



                    Connector is Aces part number 50273-0047C-002, 1.25 mm pitch header, surface mount, vertical, lead-free, 4 circuits.


               Digital Microphone Array

          The digital microphone array consists of dual front facing digital microphones located on either side of the front panel HDD LED ring to minimize acoustic interference. The digital microphone array is intended to be used with a digital assistant like Microsoft’s Cortana*. Item L in Figure 12 shows the location of the digital microphone array connector. Table 18 lists the signal names of the DMIC connector.



          That's all the information they've included. If it isn't enough, the Intel Customer Support folks will need to submit a query to the development team for more information.