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    NUC7i3BNH dont start after a bios update to 60


      Last night i did a bios update, from 57 to 60 and when it was finished it showed "update succesful" and the nuc shut down.

      but it didnt booted back up.


      i tried to start the nuc by pressing the powerbutton but nothing happend.

      it just dont boot anymore, all i got is a amber powerbutton and when i press it it turns of for a split second but the nuc dont start.


      i have tried to:

      change the ssd

      change the memory

      new hdmi cable

      other output device (monitor)

      clear my cmos


      the nuc dont start so i cant flash back a older bios.


      what i got is:

      a amber powerbutton

      power on the usb ports

      and a green licht on the motherboard.


      does someone knows what to try or is the nuc broke?