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    unable to install integrated graphic 530 driver


      after clean win 10 installation




      the display adapter for the integrated graphic is Microsoft basic adapter instead of Intel 530

      and even though the gforce960m in installed it does not work with games and I get your system does not have the minimum requirement "CCGO"



      I tried updating the driver using device manager online, download the driver from Lenovo and browse select, and by let me pick from a list of available drives (which Intel HD graphic is present here )

      also, I tried updating using the file I download from Lenovo


      also, I tried driver pack software and Lenovo system update software




      the result I got is :


      1-a win crash with a buzzing sound and black screen when the screen it tries to flicker


      2- a black screen when try to flicker then the keyboard be responsive for a while then it froze

      in either case, a force restart and the driver goes back Microsoft basic adapter

      3- I used ddu "Display Driver Uninstaller" to uninstall the driver in safe mode and then installed the driver with exe file the driver but when I restart it stuck at boot with the Lenovo logo even the animation of the circle dot get stuck.




      I have been trying for 5 days I tried everything I can think of turn off intel security in bios, off virtual support, switch graphics card or just integrated graphic, EFI installation of windows or bios installation.




      also tried unplugging everything from the motherboard even the screen and external screen same thing




      I tried booting windows 7 blue screen in first boot

      I tried installing Linux mint but I get an error while installing about mcc0 (known issue apparently)




      I also tried after updating the bios same thing




      I am tired sleepy and angry




      any idea will be appreciated especially if there is ant test to make sure if it a hardware issue