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    NUC 6i6SYK Screen turns black - HDMI 4K, miniDP - No picture


      Just bought the PC above, problems so far:


      Installed latest bios and drivers, fully updated windows 10.


      No Network card found when installing drivers, got it working eventually with old driver found over WiFi. Ethernet now working. Saw others had this problem too.


      Tried getting 4K 60 Hz signal over the miniDP output, but no picture or signal, just black. Did not dare to set Bios at just DP, what if there is no Picture at all at boot?


      With HDMI 4K 29/30Hz, the screen turns black for a second, but comes back, sometimes more seldom, other times all the time. Read the long thread about this problem with the NUC 7 series. Is the 4664 (or was it 6446?) version of the graphics driver recommended there working with the NUC 6 series?


      How common is this black screen problem?, all devices or just a few? Both 6 and 7 series?


      I tried lowering the resolution, but the screen flickering did not stop. Setting desktop zoom to zero got stable screen for a long time, but occational blackout still occurs.


      Could it be related to the desktop zoom feature in windows? Power/heat/cable/drivers? The cabels work with othes PCs.


      Sorry for the crappy English, not my first or second language.