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    Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter Model 1628 Won't Connect


      We have several machines that are having issues connecting to Microsoft Wireless Display Adapters. This is happening over multiple computers over multiple locations over multiple adapters.


      With some digging, we discovered that some of the machines having the issue were using the following driver:


      Intel HD Graphics 520

      Driver Date: 10/17/2017

      Driver Version:


      I downgraded some of these machines to:

      Intel HD Graphics 520

      Driver Date: 12/23/2016

      Driver Version:



      After doing this downgrade, the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter connected just fine. If I upgraded back to then the adapter wouldn't connect.


      I am making this post to bring it to Intel's attention. Is anyone here using these adapters and experiencing similar issues? If so, has any fix been found other than downgrading the driver for multiple machines?