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    Windows disables Intel driver when on docking station


      I have an HP ProBook 650 G1 with Windows 10 on a docking station with 3 monitors plugged into it. Two of the monitors use AMD drivers and work fine; the third uses the Intel 4600 driver (4531 Rev.F) connected via a VGA cable, and Windows keeps disabling this driver when the computer starts up on the docking station. In Device Manager, it gives me a code 43 error; when I tried uninstalling the Intel driver, the Windows Basic Display Adapter also came up with an error, but this time code 30. If I start or reboot the computer off of the docking station, the Intel driver works fine, and I can put the computer on the docking station and the monitor will work.


      Is there any way I can keep Windows from disabling the Intel driver when it boots on the docking station?