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    Intel Centrino Wifi N130 single band not working


      Hi I have a Medion laptop

      It came with win 7 and option to upgrade to win8 which as you know was a failure then 8.1 still a failure and finally upgraded to win 10 pro


      Everything was working Ok apart from some sound issues with Conexant and dolby audio


      Anyway In the last month my wif stopped working

      So I tried the toubleshooter which tells me my wifi is off switch it on

      Which I have tried using the wifi butoon and clicking on the icon which only shows me manual connect and this doesnt switch it on

      The drivers say the device is working in device mangaer no issues but there clearly is the LEd is showing the wifi is on but its not


      So After trying various drivers still no joy I decided it must be the Wif card so I have purchased a replacement wifi card the exact same model and just installing still the problem persists and the person I have purchased the wifi card from as assured me its fully working as it was tested before being sent.


      The problem is either the Intel Wifi driver or a Win 10 recent update

      could anyone give me some advice please or recommend a relacement upggraded card that would work such as a dual band card But I have read some manufacturers limit certain laptops to certain wif cards

      any help appreciated as Its a pain without wiif

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello Brucelee1,

          We understand that you're having WiFi issues in Windows® 10 on your system using the Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 130.

          Please bear in mind that this adapter does not support Windows® 10. Moreover, the adapter itself has been discontinued and is no longer applicable for support.

          - Supported Operating Systems for Intel® Wireless Products
          - Customer Support Options for Discontinued Intel® Wireless Products

          Since custom wireless integrations (upgrades) are not supported, our best recommendation in this case will be to purchase an USB dongle for WiFi. Alternatively, you may check with your computer manufacturer for approved wireless adapter models for your system. It is important to check with your computer manufacturer before replacing the adapter for a different model, as some OEMs will limit which adapters may be installed through a hardware white-list.

          - Why Doesn't My Laptop Recognize My New Intel® Wireless Adapter?

          Earlier builds of the OS were more lenient on hardware that did not meet the Windows® 10 requirements. However, further updates do increase incompatibility issues in such cases.

          Best regards,
          Carlos A.

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            Hi Carlos,


            Thanks for your reply,


            This is a problem as I thought the card was faulty as I had tried everything and purchased another N130 wif card and issue still present so basically I wasted my money on a unsupported none comaptible card.


            I have tried contacting my OEM Medion by email but they are not good at responding as the laptop is now out of warrantly. I will try to ring them as I believe as you say OEms limit there laptops to certain wifi cards and I dont want to be purchasing another card that doesnt work or operate correctly as ypu say becaus eof a whitelist which i have read on here and the internet

            I have 2 older Medion Laptops with N135 wifi cards and they are still working perfectly which are now upgraded to win 10 and I have never had any issues with these and these were 2010 models that originally cam on Win Xp Media centre edition and I upgraded to Win 7 then !0


            But this model I purchased At xmas 2013 cam on Win 7 with option to upgrade to Win 8 which caused many issues with With things like Wifi and sound, I then upgraded to Win 8.1 pro which resolved most issues except sound, Then i upgraded free to Win 10 Pro and everything was working ok except sound issues until very recently around November after the windows Creator fall update now I am having issues with microspft updates on the latest cumalative update 1709 not isnatlling correctly beginning to regret purchasing Medion laptops and using windows as I spend most of my time fixing issues


            Anyway thanks for replying and your help computers are more trouble than they are worth


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              Intel Corporation
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              Hello Brucelee1,

              Some legacy adapters can handle the generic Windows® 10 drivers better than others. Some OEM customizations can also affect this. Other times, the adapter will be OK at first, but newer builds are less flexible when it comes to unsupported hardware and may cause issues.

              While it's possible that you could upgrade the wireless adapter and it will simply work, it could also give you more problems. We have no way to check to see if your manufacturer uses a white-list or not.

              We hope you're able to get help from your computer manufacturer.

              Best regards,
              Carlos A.