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    Suggestions for camera


      I am looking to purchase a camera which gives me depth, for the use of precision agriculture. Requirements are that it should work outdoors in the presence of ambient light, and short range(0.2-5m), with an accuracy of less than 2% error. I was previously using the SR200, but it does not work outdoors and I really need an alternative to that ASAP. Any suggestions would be super helpful

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          The new D435 camera would likely be the ideal option for you.  It has significantly increased operating range over the SR300 and works outdoors (it was designed with drones and autonomous vehicles in mind).  Although I don't have an official figure for the error rate, it is said to be less than 1%, compared to around +_ 5% for previous RealSense camera generations.  This is made possible by the D435's new D4 Vision Processor chip.  The D435 goes on sale January 8, and is available to pre-order now.


          Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D435 - Intel® RealSense™ Depth Cameras

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            Thank you for the response.  I have pre ordered the D415. What are the primary differences between D415 and D435 other than FOV and shutter?

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              D415 has a minimum sensing range of 0.3 m, whilst the D435's minimum range is 0.2 m and so can scan objects that are closer to its lens.


              D415 is suited to scanning small objects with high precision, whilst D435 is suited to scanning whilst in motion (whether the camera is in motion, or it is observing something in motion from a static position), as its field of view reduces the number of blind-spots.

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                Alright, thank you. Any idea how long it takes to ship to India? Is there any way I can speed it up? Like I mentioned in the original post, I need it urgently.

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                  I do not have information on shipping times to India specifically.  The Intel Click store's FAQ says about delivery times in general though that "Orders sent to destinations outside the U.S. will arrive within three to fifteen business days after leaving our warehouse ... Instructions on order tracing are included in an email that will be sent to you when your order ships."


                  If you want to try to cut some days off of that schedule, you could try purchasing a pre-release 'engineering demo' version of the camera by registering an account at the Intel Design-In Tools website and then going to the RealSense section of the site,.



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                    Good info thanks Marty.  Can you tell me please what size "small objects" might be ?  Also the approx. resolution of those objects?  I'm looking to sense objects roughly the size of a loaf of bread, accurately in motion.

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                      Scale is a difficult question to answer.  Small, but not too small.  Examples of objects successfully scanned in the past with the SR300 include trainer shoes and teddy bears.


                      Easy 3D Scan - Intel RealSense


                      The R200 was suited to larger objects (e.g bicycles) and scanning the human body.  It is still available from the Intel Click online store as part of the Robotic Development Kit, though it is now a retired product line and is only on sale whilst remaining stocks last.


                      Intel® RealSense™ Robotic Development Kit - Intel® RealSense™ Depth Cameras


                      If you need a new camera that can handle large objects in motion, I would recommend the D435, as the D415 is more suited to stationary scanning.

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                        How about smaller objects in motion?  Like trainers?  What is my best bet?  Thanks in advance Marty

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                          I would say it is possible, but your biggest problem would be ensuring that the object remains in the camera's field of view whilst in motion so that tracking of the object is not lost.  In the example of trainers, you would have to rely on the person wearing the trainers to be moving in a straight line and not veer off to the side, out of the camera's view (unless the camera was mounted to something that could adjust its position, keeping the tracked object centered).


                          You would also need some means for the camera to keep up with the position of the moving object, such as a rolling robot or a drone.


                          The D435 would therefore continue to be a strong recommendation, as it has a much wider field of view than previous RealSense cameras, and is also designed for real-time motion tracking in applications such as robotics, drones and autonomous vehicles.


                          An alternative mobile tracking option would be Intel's own drone kit, the 'Intel Aero Ready To Fly Kit'.  The kit comes with a drone and a caseless R200 camera with two additional cameras (8 MP and VGA) to provide better video resolution than the standard R200. The drone can have autonomous flight control software installed on it, or be controlled manually with a transmitter handset.


                          Like with RealSense cameras' it can be purchased from Intel's online Click store.


                          Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone - Intel® Aero Platform Developer Kits

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                            OK thanks again Marty.  I reckon I have the tracking issue licked - it's more about resolving the object in motion. Anyway, I just took the plunge on a d435 preorder. Still scratching my head about resolution and such, but I suppose there's nothing for it but experiment!  Thanks again for your help and all the very best for the New Year.

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                              Glad I could help.    You can read a detailed specification of the D435 in its data sheet document.


                              Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D400 Series Datasheet | Intel® Software

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                                Hello Marty, will the D400 series cameras work in sunlight of 10000 lumens intensity, in temperature conditions of around 35-40 degree Celsius? Are there any limitations under which it wouldn't give good depth data?

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                                  I do not have specific data in relation to lumen brightness.  Even with the new advanced D4 Vision Processor chip in the camera, very bright light is probably going to have an impact on the depth data beyond a certain level of luminosity.  You can see an example of the camera scanning in outdoor daylight whilst in motion in a car in the video linked to below.


                                  Intel presents RealSense™ at the IDTechEx Show!: From 3D Printing to Drones - YouTube


                                  According to the data sheet document, the D435 can tolerate up to 35 degrees when operating, and can tolerate a skin temperature of up to 44 degrees.


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