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    RST driver bug Raid0 "Drives clicking"


      Dear Intel,


      the RST driver has a bug with some hard drives equipped with APM (advanced power managment)

      I suffer this bug with samsung 103SJ hard drives in Raid0,



      I made a Raid volume with two Samsung 103SJ 1TB on an ASrock Z77 Extreme6, after installing Windows, the discs begin to click especially when they are not solicited



      the research I have done shows that this bug has been running since the 13XX version of the driver. the only solution at the moment is adding a registry key in the IastoreA part to disable the APM function



      this demarche testifies to the relative ease of a solution to bring to your RST drivers to solve this problem.



      I therefore ask you to take care of this request in order to definitively solve this problem




      sorry for poor english