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    INTEL SSDPEKKW010T7 - smart error?




      i bought an Intel M.2 600p with 1TB just a couple of days ago.

      On there i got my debian system, with an encrypted /home.


      Right now smartctl is telling me, that the health self-assessment test failed:

           SMART overall-health self-assessment test result: FAILED!

           - available spare has fallen below threshold


      SMART/Health Information (NVMe Log 0x02, NSID 0x1)

      Critical Warning:                   0x01

      Temperature:                        29 Celsius

      Available Spare:                    9%

      Available Spare Threshold:          10%

      Percentage Used:                    0%

      Data Units Read:                    4,020,000 [2.05 TB]

      Data Units Written:                 1,224,368 [626 GB]

      Host Read Commands:                 26,920,285

      Host Write Commands:                23,527,124

      Controller Busy Time:               154

      Power Cycles:                       16

      Power On Hours:                     197

      Unsafe Shutdowns:                   2

      Media and Data Integrity Errors:    0

      Error Information Log Entries:      0

      Warning  Comp. Temperature Time:    1

      Critical Comp. Temperature Time:    0



      That does either mean:

      - the ssd has already used spare space and is about to fail - after a mere 626GB written(!!!)

      - the smartctl shows bugged stuff?

      - the firmware is STILL not working properly on linux (i read alot on data corruption with the original firmware ...)


      can someone from intel answer this?

      i'm still able to return this ssd, since it's only a few days old.



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          Intel Corporation
          This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

          Hello mer81at,
          We understand that the SMART values for your Intel® SSD 600p (1TB) show the drive has consumed all of its available reserve space.
          The drive should't go through its available reserve space after such a low amount of data written on it. We recommend installing the drive on a different system to confirm if you get the same results.

          If possible, please test it on a Windows 10* PC to compare it with the SMART details pulled by Intel® SSD Toolbox.
          If you get the same results, we recommend reaching your reseller to request a replacement.
          Best regards,
          Eugenio F.


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            thanks for the honest answer

            after the data corruption issue with the first firmware on linux

            and obviously fragile hardware, my confidence in intel ssds is gone (especially when using in linux, you do not even provide a ssd toolkit for linux ... )


            i'll send it back and replace it with a samsung, as all my 3 year old samsung 830s work flawlessly since day1 on debian!