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    What app does use sr300 for head 3d scan?



      I have SR300 camera and want to know what app is using it for head 3d scan. I am no expert but it looks to me that Itseez3d and Easy3dscan apps require R200 for heady/body scan.  Easy3dscan uses SR300 - it looks to me - for small object scan on turn tables. I need to do head scan and only have the SR300.


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          The RealSense '2016 R2' and '2016 R3' Windows SDKs come with a sample program called 3DScan that can scan both face and object, and export a 3D model as an .obj format file.  When the SDK is installed, a folder called 'Intel RealSense SDK Gold' is placed on the computer desktop.  Within it is an application called Sample Browser.  You can run the 3DScan application from this program.



          As indicated in the image above, you should select 'Landmarks' in the side panel as at least one of the ticked scan options in order for the scan to work.